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Founders Shares Jason Liu

Looking back in time, despite the fact that AX GROUP has encountered numerous hardships and difficulties during the course of business operation, it still insists on its commitment to become the greatest environment protector of our homeland – Taiwan. Due to the constant support from our business members and people from all walks of life, we are left not alone on our way to achieve the perfect environmental protection. As a member of the global village, we are committed to devote our time and effort to restore the environment to its most natural form and take waste and pollution as a main motivator that drives us to the ultimate goal of sustainable use. We deeply believe that, “No pain, no gain.”

Blue sky and clear water are what we have always been constantly striving for. In a market filled with fierce competition, we have passed inspection from “ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS18001 and CNS15506” and received certification from Environmental Analysis Laboratory, EPA, which not only reflects our devotion and commitment but also our resolution for a sustainable business operation. Based on our core competence and business diversification, we are committed to establish a professionalized, diversified, and internationalized business group.


CEO Linus Liu

It is recorded in an ancient Chinese military treatise – The Art of War that, “The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined energy, and does not require too much from individuals. Hence his ability to pick out the right men and utilize combined energy. When he utilizes combined energy, his fighting men become as it were like unto rolling logs or stones. For it is the nature of a log or stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope. Thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height. So much on the subject of energy.” The ancient wisdom from the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu also points out the sequential order of the business development in terms of “following combined energy”, “pursuing combined energy”, and “creating combined energy”, indicating that a business owner must allocate its talents to the right place to bring their potential into full play.

It is our firm beli ef that how farsighted a corporation owner is determines its results, and how he/she forms strategies determines how lasting a business team is. In our corporation, there is no individual hero or star but star team! Customers, employees, and share holders are the three pillars that keep our competitive capabilities required for survival intact, and our primary strategies always focus on how to help the three parties win.

We recruit people based on the principle: “A right person can bring others of the same kind; the opposite is also true”.Human resources are foundation of all corporations. To build absolute core competence, we pay people respect which every one asks for. We provide customers with highest level of service, create a competitive environment where there is nothing to worry about, and let share holders have a business environment that is ever-profitable. Those are why we exist and what we have been striving to achieve.

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General Manager Lin, Shun-Hung

Innovation creates successes

Nokia, an overlord to the previous telecommunication industry, was gradually replaced by other highly innovative companies such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC since it is reluctant to devote its time and effort in the development of the latest smart phone and tablet computer series. By contrast, Apple’s two epoch-making innovative products of iPhone and iPad not only lead the global communication electronics industry but also cause a huge uproar in the global science and technology industry. Apple not only beats the former telecommunication giant NOKIA, but also poses a huge impact on other companies including Intel, Microsoft, Micron, LG, RIM Blackberry, video game company Nintendo, and even the online bookstore Amazon. From this story, we learn that “innovation allows an innovative product to beat a brand-name product that has been sold for decades by a century-old enterprise overnight.” And where does this “innovative product” come from? The answer is, from the hands of an innovative R & D personnel!

innovation allows an innovative product to beat a brand-name product that has been sold for decades by a century-old enterprise overnight.`` And where does this ``innovative product

come from? The answer is, from the hands of an innovative R & D personnel!

For employees, the ability to innovate is the only chance for him/her to become really successful in an enterprise. However, for an enterprise, a business spirit of the continuous innovation is the only way for it to achieve an ultimate goal of sustainable business operation. Since an enterprise’s innovation is originated from the individual’s innovative ability, it must build a reward system to motivate innovative individuals to bring their potential into full play. Reward system may include bonuses, pay raise, promotion, or a regular evaluation and assessment of an individual’s innovative performance. If the company really puts great emphasis on the individual’s innovation capability, it will motivate the innovative individuals to bring their potential into full play. Through innovative capacity and working performance, the employee can also allow the enterprise to redefine or place a higher value on them. Under this benign cycle, the business will continue to grow and prosper to create an unreplaceable competitive advantage.

Innovation is not an exclusive right for some well-renowned science & technology industries or large-scaled business group, nor is it a gift owns by the talented few. Each business and enterprise must learn to recruit even more innovative individuals while each individual must uphold an innovative spirit to commit to a better product development or higher service quality. However, many people in the workplace, especially higher-level supervisors or senior staff, usually lack motivation in search of higher innovative development. Very afraid of making mistakes, they want everything to be in accordance with the existing model and even impose a restriction on themselves. The result turns out that the business performance is only mediocre, or even worse, without any change to the existing business model, which is a serious obstacle that impedes a business from making further progress. Freshmen or entry-level staff in a business should never think that they will have nothing to do with innovation since they are neither a decision maker nor a senior staff. They must learn to live up to their potential and become a business talent who exhibits unlimited creativity. If all business members can learn to make some practical and creative changes to their regular working habit or regular operating model in their daily working routine, some significant progress may be exhibited to overturn a business’s future or even save a business’s fate. We must believe that innovation is not an exclusive right of a higher-level supervisor, talented few, and professional expert. We are all born with this potential, only if you’re willing to discover it and bring it to full play.

It has been more than 30 years ever since the AX GROUP was first established in 1980. During the course of its business operation, AX GROUP has encountered numerous hardships and difficulties before it started to grow and prosper. In the future, we are committed to becoming a leading company in the field of operation & maintenance industry with our outstanding technological skill and extraordinary service quality. Since the active attitude and innovative spirit of each business member will ultimately decide our business’s success, we must know that in the modern enterprise, the more innovative abilities we have, the more core competitiveness we’ll get. The more innovative concept and idea we have, the higher the possibility that we’ll obtain a competitive advantage so that our business is not easily replaceable by others.

In views of successful business leaders, they are generally not an individual who think inside a box or follow a given set of rule, but one who consider about all possible problems that may arise from an innovative thinking and work to have them fully resolved. An employee with an innovative awareness and ability should learn to break away from the given set of framework, boast new ideas, and work to verify or refute those ideas in an attempt to achieve innovative development. In this way, you will find success easily attainable and our business as a whole will be very proud of you.

Guys, let’s work together!

Success belongs to the individual who is willing to make improvement and insist to the last moment.

In the initial stage of our business operation, we have been upholding 3 working attitudes of “steadiness”, “practicality”, and “capability” , 3 “S” of “service”, “specialist”, and “sureness”, and 3 senses & 2 abilities including “sense of empathy for our customers”, “sense of responsibility for the entire society”, and “sense of confidency for self-breakthrough”, and “ability of creativity” and “ability of persistence”. Today, as a member of our business group, we should always bear in mind to take our family, business, society, nation, and the entire world as a center, instead of being self-centered.

Our Business Vision

“Providing our employees with a competitive environment free of worries.”
“Providing our shareholders with a business environment with sustainable development.”

Our Business Culture

Five Capabilities –
Sureness, Practicality, Steadiness, Modesty, and Capability