Core Business Competitiveness

Final Result of Our Business’s Implementation of Digitalization


Based on more than 40 years of professional knowledge, our business has a deeper understanding of the MOR industry. To become a world-class professional MOR service provider, our business has developed a 3S Model (Standard Service Supplier Model) that is not only in line with the international trend but also meets the need of domestic MOR industry.

  • Increasing equipment availability.
  • Reducing equipment failure.
  • Rationalizing human resource.
  • Establishing proper inventory and early warning system.
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance, repair plan, and standard operating procedures.
  • Building an online equipment resume database.
  • Building a supply chain management (SCM) system.
  • Building an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Building a customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Becoming a total solution provider (TSR).

Equipment Maintenance System

Provide complete equipment maintenance information and related equipment abnormal statistics, as an important system to improve equipment operation stability.

Enterprise Information Portal

A platform system for business collaboration, internal management, communication process, and knowledge management is fully established. At the same time, the platform system is also equipped with an extensional function and video conference function.

Human Resource System

Established to collect both basic data and detailed data of the human resource for the convenience of personnel hiring, recruitment, and arrangement. At the same time, we can also better understand an employee's devotion, effort, and cooperation degree to their daily works so that they are supervised to live up to their potential and make the best use of their time.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

By combining the latest detection technology, infrared image processing system, and analytic software technology, we are here to provide our clients with the most complete integration service chain (ISC).