Scope of Business

Public / energy facilities, such as industrial zones, airports, railway stations
power plants, factories, hospitals, buildings, and other facilities:
  • Water purification plants, sewage plants.
  • Garbage incinerators.
  • Air-conditioning, water and electricity, fire-fighting, public announcement, and monitoring systems.
  • Electromechanical, instrumentation and control equipments implementations
  • Storage and transportation facilities.
Water, Electricity, and Fire-Fighting Projects
  • Plumbing project design and planning.
  • Health and water plumbing projects.
  • Air pressure, pipeline, and oil pipe projects.
  • Fire alarm and drainage equipment projects.
Environmental Projects
  • Sewage and pure water treatment projects.
  • Noise and air pollution prevention projects.
  • Incinerator project design and planning.
  • Waste disposal projects.
Electromechanical Control Projects
  • Various electrical project designs and planning.
  • Illumination and various types of electrical supply equipment projects.
  • Various types of electrical supply and distribution panel projects.
  • Factor and building power distribution projects.
  • Various types of electromechanical equipment design, installation, and construction.
  • Mechanical conveying equipment projects.
  • Various types of automated control projects.
Low Voltage Systems
  • Various types of door access system projects.
  • Surveillance and security system projects.
  • Fire alarm and fire-fighting projects.
  • Computer automation projects.
  • Traffic light signal and payment system projects.
  • Factory and building automation projects.
  • CCTV and PA system projects.
  • Navigation system projects.
  • Telecommunication projects.
Investment Projects|Cooperation Opportunities
  • High-tech industry venture capital.
  • Biotech industry venture capital.
  • Homogeneous M&A investment.
  • Heterogeneous M&A investment.
  • Emerging industries and capital markets matchmaking. (entrepreneurs and capitalists)
  • Other investment projects that can create commercial interests and activities.
International trade (import|export agent)
  • Import agent for various types of water treatment equipment.
  • Import agent for various types of waste disposal equipment.
  • Import agent for various types of electromechanical and instrument control equipment.
  • Import agent for various types of refrigeration equipment.
  • Import agent for various types of chemical products.
  • Import agent for various types of industry-related industrial products.
  • Import agent for various types of consumable products.