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     In accordance with the amended content chart (finalized version) of the “Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Environmental Impact Investigation Analysis and Response Measure Report” of August 2005, and the “Environmental Impact Statement of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Duxing Zone Development Plan”, the Science and Industrial Park Administration has declared its commitment to abide by the “Besides ensuring that the water quality of the discharged effluent conforms to the original approved limit within 3 years of the Sewage Treatment Plant Phase I Improvement Project, the average BOD5 and SS values for 7 consecutive days (once a day) must remain below 10mg/L.” requirement of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan.
     The amended content chart also states that, as there is no precedence of large-volume joint sewage treatment plants of industrial parks conforming to the operation standards required by the Environmental Protection Administration, the feasibility of the technology and economic aspects should be evaluated first, therefore the Park Administration commissioned academic organizations to conduct the “Assessment and Simulation Plan of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent Water Quality Improvement” to ascertain and discuss the effectiveness of the onsite operation adjustments, and to conduct mold factory experiments. The experiments can be classified into two aspects of “Adjusting Onsite Operation Methods” and “Adding New Processing Units” to further assess the feasibility of improving the water quality, and the assessment reports were submitted to the Environmental Protection Administration for reference. If the feasibility research proves that that the actual operation contains technical difficulties, the improvement will be conducted in accordance with Article 37 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Enforcement Rules.

The relevant information of the assistance is as follows :
(1) Compile current information of sewage treatment plant
      Provide information on area occupied by Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park sewage treatment plant, design treatment capacity, treatment processes, water volume and water quality, discharge methods, and the water quality discharge standards and timing of the environmental impact assessment at different stages.
(2) Provide expansion information of the sewage treatment plant at various phases (stages)
     The expansion of the sewage treatment plant was launched in 1983, and the expansion can be classified into Phase 1 Project, Phase 2 Project, Phase 3 Project, Phase 1 of Project Improvement Stage 1, Phase 1 of Project Improvement Stage 2, Phase 1 of Building Expansion Project, and Phase 1 Phase 1 of Project Improvement Stage 3.
(3) Analyze the design processing conditions and efficiency of current main processing units
     The processing units of the sewage treatment plant can be roughly classified as biological system, chemical coagulation system, and sand filtration system. The BOD5 removal efficiency of the biological system is about 48%, the SS removal efficiency of the chemical coagulation system is about 83%, and the SS removal efficiency of the sand filtration system is about 60%.
(4) Assist in the consultation of water quality improvement assessment and providing the necessary assistance.

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