Service Performance – Yunlin Area

Organization  Yunlin County Government
Contract Commissioned Professional Maintenance Service of the Yunlin High-Speed Rail Station Special District Sewage Treatment Plant and Basic Sewage Treatment System of Jiadong Community
Work Content
  • Equipment:


Organization  Central Taiwan Science Park Administration, National Science Council, Executive Yuan
Contract Central Taiwan Science Park Administration – Operation & Maintenance of Huwei Park Sewage Sewerage System
Work Content
  • Design sewage treatment capacity: 22,500CMD (Phase 1 of Project Stage 1)
  • Design water quality of influent: BOD5=120mg/1, COD=280mg/1, SS=130mg/1
  • Design water quality of effluent: Besides the commonly applicable effluent standards (BOD5≦30mg/1, COD≦100mg/1, SS≦30mg/1), the stipulated water quality items will ensure conformity with the standards of BOD5 20 mg/l, COD 80mg/l, SS 20 mg/l as promised in the environmental impact assessment report.
  • Main processing system of sewage treatment plant: Influent pump system, trash rack and water measurement system, sand settling and pH adjustment system, adjustment system, preliminary processing system, biological treatment system, chemical coagulation and sedimentation system, sand filtration and effluent system, recycling system, sludge thickening system, sludge dewatering system. 
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