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Business Vision & Culture

     In the initial stage of our business operation, we have been upholding 3 working attitudes of “steadiness”, “practicality”, and “capability” , 3 “S” of “service”, “specialist”, and “sureness”, and 3 senses & 2 abilities including “sense of empathy for our customers”, “sense of responsibility for the entire society”, and “sense of confidency for self-breakthrough”, and “ability of creativity” and “ability of persistence”. Today, as a member of our business group, we should always bear in mind to take our family, business, society, nation, and the entire world as a center, instead of being self-centered.

Our Business Vision
“Providing our employees with a competitive environment free of worries.”
“Providing our shareholders with a business environment with sustainable development.”

Our Business Culture
Five Capabilities - Sureness, Practicality, Steadiness, Modesty, and Capability.


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