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Words from Vice General Manager Lin, Shun-Hung

Words from Vice General Manager Lin, Shun-Hung


Innovation creates successes

  NOKIA, the once leader in the communication industry, couldn’t keep up with the time and was unwilling to actively develop smart phones, so it was replaced by Apple, Samsung, and HTC, the companies which keep innovating their products, and disappeared in the cell phone market. On the contrary, the two landmark innovative products, iPhone and iPad, not only lead the trend in the communication and electronics industry but also have a huge impact on the global technology industry! In addition to beating the cell phone giant NOKIA, it also causes numerous effects on many: Intel, Microsoft, Micron, LG, the BlackBerry manufacturer RIM, the video game company Nintendo, and even the online bookstore Amazon. From this phenomenon we can deeply realize that “Innovation can make a ‘whole-new product’ bring down overnight a ‘famous brand’ which has been a bestseller for decades and even defeat a corporation which has stood still for a hundred years.” Where does this “whole-new product” come from? The answer is: it comes from the hands of the innovative developers!

  For employees, to display the innovation is the only hope for you to turn over a new leaf in the corporation. However, for the corporation, the endless innovative corporate spirit is the key element to achieve the management goal of sustainability. The corporate innovation comes from the employees with the innovative ability. Therefore, the corporation should pay attention to the practical rewards to the employees’ innovative ability such as bonuses, a raise in salary, or promotion. In addition, the corporation should make evaluations and assessments in terms of the employees’ innovative performance on a regular basis. If the company puts a lot of emphasis on innovation, it will actually inspire the employees to innovate. The employees can make the corporation understand and value them again through their innovative ability and performance. In this way, the endless circle will extend the corporate life and make it stronger. At the same time, it will decide the corporate competitive edge which can’t easily be replaced.

  Innovation is neither the privilege for certain technology industry or large corporations nor the talent owned by the extremely smart or intelligent geniuses. Every industry and corporation needs the refill of the innovative vitality. Every employee should persist in exerting his or her innovative spirit, devoted to the product research and development or the promotion of service quality. However, many people in the working place, especially the executives or senior employees, are usually too lazy to have the innovative morale. They tend to follow the existing patterns and are afraid of making mistakes, which results in hesitation and mediocre performance. The situation is even getting worse without any changes and progress. This is the huge stumbling block for the corporate advancement! Furthermore, for the corporate freshmen or the basic-level employees, don’t consider that innovation is none of your business and that you can’t be the corporate elites by showing your endless innovation and creativity because you may think you are neither the decision makers nor the executive managers! If every one of the employees can start from the very basic job and make some practical creative changes in terms of the easily-ignored habits and operation modes, maybe there will be some significant advancements or changes, which will further turn over the future of the corporation and even save its destiny. We should be convinced that innovation is not the privilege of the executives, intellectuals, or elites. As a matter of fact, every one of us is equipped with this talent as long as you are willing to do it.

  Axiom International Environmental Engineering Corp. has been established for more than three decades since 1980. The entrepreneurs have been through all the hardship, growing and thriving all along. In the future, we still continue to make professional technology and excellent service quality our corporate brand orientation and to take hold in the operation and maintenance industry. To achieve the leading and dominant position in the industry depends on every employee’s active exertion of the innovative spirit and endeavor for newness and changes. No doubt, for a modernized corporation, the more innovative ability there is, the more core competiveness and innovative concepts it has, and it will decide the irreplaceable competitive edge for the success of the corporation.

  Observing the successful corporate leaders, we will find that most of them are not the persons who think about problems in an existing frame or a normal pattern. Instead, they will consider any possibility with the innovative thinking and solve the problems. An employee with the innovative consciousness and ability has to get rid of the limiting frame of the professional ability and even dispose of the professional arrogance and stubbornness that stops a person from striving for newness and changes. In this way, you will find that success is easy and that the corporation will also be proud of your contribution!

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“Success belongs to those who keep innovating and surpassing themselves and to those who persist and work hard to the end.”

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