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Words from General Manager Linus Liu

Words from General Manager Linus Liu


  Sun Tze (trend of force): "Those who are good at fighting rely on trend and blame on no one, therefore they choose people but follow trend. Just as rolling a rock in mountains of thousands of peaks, it is all about trend." His words explain interaction among following trend, chasing trend, and then creating trend when corporations move forward, as well as point out importance of "putting right men in right positions" when corporations respond to trend.

  It is our firm beli ef that how farsighted a corporation owner is determines its results, and how he/she forms strategies determines how lasting a business team is. In our corporation, there is no individual hero or star but star team! Customers, employees, and share holders are the three pillars that keep our competitive capabilities required for survival intact, and our primary strategies always focus on how to help the three parties win.
  We recruit people based on the principle: "A right person can bring others of the same kind; the opposite is also true".Human resources are foundation of all corporations. To build absolute core competence, we pay people respect which every one asks for. We provide customers with highest level of service, create a competitive environment where there is nothing to worry about, and let share holders have a business environment that is ever-profitable. Those are why we exist and what we have been striving to achieve.


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