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Final Result of Our Business's Implementation of Digitalization

Based on more than 20 years of professional knowledge, our business has a deeper understanding of the MOR industry. To become a world-class professional MOR service provider, our business has developed a 3S Model (Standard Service Supplier Model) that is not only in line with the international trend but also meets the need of domestic MOR industry.):

  • Increasing equipment availability.
  • Reducing equipment failure.
  • Rationalizing human resource.
  • Establishing proper inventory and early warning system.
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance, repair plan, and standard operating procedures.
  • Building an online equipment resume database.
  • Building a supply chain management (SCM) system.
  • Building an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Building a customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Becoming a total solution provider (TSR).


Human Resource System

intro06 5 Since human resource is an intangible asset where the value lies, a human resource management system is established within our business to support human resource planning and provide our business with an even more integrated database. In contrast to the salary evaluation of "pay by piece" in the past, we now focus even more on how to develop our employees' potential so that they are in a better position to improve their service quality and work productivity to raise overall customer satisfaction level. In response to the current trend in a global market, our business is able to utilize human resource database in an even more flexible way.

Financial Asset Management System (FAMS)

intro06 7 Through an all-rounded financial asset management system, business management of financing, sales, merchandise, warehouses, cost, financial statement, and production process are fully integrated into a standardized computer management system. By collaborating with the latest Internet / Intranet operation that would soon be developed and launched by our business group, our business productivity and customer service capability would soon be increased significantly while overall cost and expense would soon be cutdown drastically.

Enterprise Information Portal

eip1 At the same time, our business also established an enterprise informational portal (EIP) exclusively for our internal staff member as a backstage operational platform system (BOPS), so that all enterprise value chain production activities including internal communication, operation, learning, business, administration, management, and other business activities could be fully carried out on this platform system.

Equipment Maintenance System


The goal of this program should be started out by changing the pattern of traditional management model to replace passive standby model with active management model. Starting out from the core concept of business operating cost, everything extending from the manpower, material, production costs, and total equipment output derived from the working process must be fully planned out and followed up.
(time availability x function availability x yield rate)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As to customer relationship management system, the business sets the processing order for its customer relationship management this way: Data Collection → Data Storage → Data Mining → Data Visualization.

Instant Information System

intro06 15 MOR (Maintenance-Operation-Repairing) and EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) industry are characterized by an early warning system, quality control mechanism and instantly informing function of all on-site facilities, equipment, and projects under implementation.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

     Our business has established a complete supply chain management system to provide the best supplier service network. At the same time, we have also established an optimum management system for all equipment, material, component, and other inventories. A suitable information system is gradually formulated for us to gain a better control on all business flow, information flow, logistic flow, cash flow, and human resource flow derived from the supply chain activities.

Laboratory Instrument & Equipment

intro06 20

1. Sludge Toxic characteristic leaching process equipment.  2.Ions Chromatography.  3.Atomic absorption spectrophotometers...


Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Our company has introduced the leading industrial infrared thermal imaging camera. By combining the latest detection technology, infrared image processing system, and analytic software technology, we are here to provide our clients with the most complete integration service chain (ISC).

Sewer Vacuum Truck

intro06 23 To clean the underground sewer more effectively, sewer vacuum truck with a high-pressure suction feature is applied to maintain normal water transport in the entire sewer system and avoid wastewater overflow caused by pipeline blockage.

Smart Vibration Analyzing System

intro07 28 The smart vibration analyzing system is characterized by its function to upload and save all data to a handheld device when an abnormal equipment vibration takes place. At the same time, the measurement time span and all measured data can also be uploaded to a computer. The computer then manages relevant data through a database, draw a trend chart, and generate an instant report with the use of word processing system to provide an operating personnel with instant equipment conditions. By performing data analysis and taking proper measures before an equipment breakdown, unanticipated shutdown can be fully avoided while wastewater treatment plant can be maintained at an optimum level.

Pipe Camera

intro07 03 In order to improve our CCTV pipeline inspection, AX GROUP has used a robotic pipeline inspection crawler and a multifocal pipeline inspection device.

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