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     In response to the promulgation of the “Environmental Education Act”, the Park Administration wishes to apply for the environmental education facility certification for the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant and the auxiliary facilities to provide the public with a place for getting close to the natural environment. In assisting with the certification procedures, our Company has developed many sets of education plans suitable for visitors of different ages and educational levels, allowing the visitors to understand better the efforts made by the Sewage Treatment Plant in environmental protection. The Environmental Education Facility must possess four basic factors, including Activity Program, Facility, People, and Operation, amongst which the Activity Program is the most crucial key in the certification. With “Sewage Treatment” defined as the core theme by Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant, our Company has assisted the Administration in formulating the relevant environmental education introduction programs designed for audiences of different age groups and education levels, including educational programs, such as the Magical Sewage Treatment Plant for 5th-9th grades, the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Pollution Source Investigation (PSI) for 4th-6th grades, the Sunshine Laboratory for 3rd-6th grades, and the Magical Journey of Bio-Organisms for 3rd-6th grades, and the educational tools illustrated in Diagram 5-1. A worthy note of mention would be that all the educational tools were made of recycled materials or reusable materials. For example, in the Sunshine Laboratory Program, recycled paper boxes and plastic bottle caps were used to make the solar panel dish and solar-powered cars to educate the students the concepts of resource recycling and reusing, and green environmental protection. In terms of the quality and quantity of environmental educational instructors, our Company would continue to strengthen our assistance in the promotion of environmental education talent development, and coordinate our efforts with the subsequent training program for course implementation and the development of course instructors and teaching personnel to provide the best qualified professionals.

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Magical Sewage Treatment Plant Educational Tools
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Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Pollution Source Investigation (PSI) Educational Tools
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Sunshine Laboratory Educational Tools
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Photos of the Educational Programs Activities in Practice

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