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     The area of the land dedicated to Zhunan Base industries was originally 72.92 hectares, Currently the area occupied by the industries present has reached 72.2 hectares, clearly demonstrating the land dedicated to industrial use is no longer adequate to accommodate the need of the technological industries. In order to solve the issues of land shortage, the Science Park Administration has formulated and amended the detailed plan of the Park and adjusted the land allocation in accordance with the urban land planning procedures. The amended change is to designate the land originally allocated to the Animal Technology Laboratories for the plant construction of optoelectronics, communication, and biotechnology industries. Therefore, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of the increased sewage volume of 4,301CMD caused by the change, the “Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Expansion Project Phase 4 – Environmental Impact Analysis of the Zhunan Base Land Changes” passed the resolution to propose an Electrical Conductivity and Phosphate Reduction Plan before December 31, 2012 and submit to the Environmental Protection Administration for review and approval before implementation in accordance with the resolution (EPA General Document Code No. 1010015067) of the 214th Review Meeting of the Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. Our Company has actively assisted the Park Administration in conducting the researches and analysis of the issues involved.

Summary of Events

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