Service Performance – Miaoli Area

Organization  Science and Industrial Park Administration
Contract Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Sewage Sewerage System of Tongluo Science Park and the Included Water Quality Inspection Program
Work Content
  • Equipment:


Organization  Science and Industrial Park Administration, National Science Council, Executive Yuan
Contract Operation and Maintenance of Zhunan Base Sewage Sewerage System, Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park
Work Content
  • Design sewage treatment capacity: 20,000CMD.
  • Design water quality of wastewater: BOD5: 220mg/L, S.S: 190mg/L. 
  • Main processing units of sewage treatment plant: Rectangular sedimentation tank, centrifugal sludge thickening equipment, running automatic backwash sand filtration equipment, press filter sludge dewatering system, aeration sand removal equipment, biological contact aeration basin, ozone washing system, automatic water supply pressurization system. 
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