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Lump Sum Projects

Water, Electricity, and Fire-Fighting Projects :

  • Plumbing project design and planning
  •  Health and water plumbing projects
  •  Air pressure, pipeline, and oil pipe projects
  •  Fire alarm and drainage equipment projects

Environmental Projects :

  •  Sewage and pure water treatment projects
  •  Noise and air pollution prevention projects
  •  Incinerator project design and planning
  •  Waste disposal projects

Electromechanical Control Projects :

  •  Various electrical project designs and planning
  •  Illumination and various types of electrical supply equipment projects
  •  Various types of electrical supply and distribution panel projects
  •  Factor and building power distribution projects
  •  Various types of electromechanical equipment design, installation, and construction
  •  Mechanical conveying equipment projects
  •  Various types of automated control projects

Low Voltage Systems :

  •  Various types of door access system projects
  •  Surveillance and security system projects
  •  Fire alarm and fire-fighting projects
  •  Computer automation projects
  •  Traffic light signal and payment system projects
  •  Factory and building automation projects
  •  CCTV and PA system projects
  •  Navigation system projects
  •  Telecommunication projects
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