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Quality, Environment, and Occupational Safety Policy

“Outstanding Quality, Evergreen Environment, and Zero Occupational Hazard”

intro05 1Quality, environment, and occupational safety policy. Providing excellent service is our absolute objective.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a major motivator that drives us to constant improvement, while green environmental marketing is a strategic positioning of our business development and a commitment we have for our environment as a member of global village. Since employees are our greatest "treasure", we believe that human resource development, human resource improvement, human resource competitiveness, and human resource excellence are what contribute to our core business advantage. We are committed to provide our employees with a working environment free of occupational hazard and with great humanistic culture and harmonious atmosphere so that all of our employees can live up to their potentials.


  ISO9001-2015-1    ISO14001-2015-1

ISO18001-2015-1    ISO15506-2015-1

  ISO15506-2015AI-1    ISOEN-15506-2015-1


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